Fusion Arena Zürich

Fusion Arena Zürich
Features: Force Feedback Guns, Full Body VR, Multiplayer, Physical Props, Single Player
VR System: TrueVRSystems
Max Players per Game: 10
Catering: Yes
4D Effects: Heat, Rain, Wind
Bar: No

With us, you can experience virtual reality together as an experience: Wirelessly with 4D effects, up to 10 players can discover the virtual worlds of the Fusion Arena at the same time. Equipped with a space suit that adapts to your size, you can see every move of your friends in real time.

One Center Two Areas

Fusion Arena Zurich offers the largest full body VR playfield in Europe with 15×15 Meters. 10 players can gear up and go onto an incredible mission together. Aside of the arena there is a lounge with 5 single player stations.

Team events and other occasions

Whether team event, bachelor party, birthday party or club event: The Fusion Arena offers with a comfortable lounge and meeting rooms if required enough space for large groups and individual wishes.


Let us round off your event perfectly with hearty appetizers, fine gourmet platters or a sweet dessert.

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